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What should I expect during a session?

  • You remain fully clothed, removing shoes, socks and jewelry at the beginning of the session. Make-up and hard contacts should be removed for facial reflex work.

  • You will lie comfortably on a massage table or recliner with feet elevated.

  • Your practitioner will inquire about your goals and briefly inspect face, hands and feet.

  • Your session may include a combination of foot, hand, ear, and/or facial reflex therapy/ortho-bionomy, and may include other acupressure points on the body (head, shoulders, neck, back, abdomen, extremities etc.), depending on your goals.

  • Your practitioner will use the recommended pressure on specific points and may use therapeutic grade essential oils, lotions or creams, as needed.

  • You may become very relaxed or even fall asleep.

How does the Ionic Foot Bath work?

The hydrotherapy begins when the client immerses his/her feet in the warm bath water.  The unit is turned on.  Then, millions of ions move gently into the body through the osmotic, electrolysis process and flush out active toxins through the 3000 pores in the feet.  The bath water changes color and may have particles in it that indicate where the body is releasing toxins.

How often should I use the foot bath?
Depending on your health goals, one to two times per week works optimally for most conditions.  However, even used on a monthly basis, it can provide beneficial cumulative effects.  A series of 12 baths is generally considered a good, initial detox of the system.

How should I prepare for the session?

  • Complete the health intake form and any additional questionnaires provided by your practitioner. 

  • Come well-hydrated.

  • Wear loose-fitting clothing if receiving reflex therapy work. 

  • Remove make-up and contact lenses if receiving facial work.  

What can I expect after the session?

  • You may feel relaxed, a general sense of well-being and pain relief lasting anywhere from a few hours to a few days after your session.

  • Remember to drink plenty of water.  Reflex therapy stimulates blood and lymph flow, releasing toxins from the body.  Drinking water helps to flush out these toxins and refresh the body.

  • Certain reactions are normal after a session.  The most common reactions are:

    • fatigue

    • headache

    • nausea

    • frequent need to urinate, strong smelling urine

    • bowel movement

    • soreness

    • emotional response such as crying or laughing

    • cramping, dizziness, vomiting, feeling of malaise (less common side effects)

  • Please contact your reflex therapist with any questions about side effects you experience.

How can I obtain optimal results?

  • Listen to your body, if it needs more rest or more movement after session.

  • Eat lightly, avoid fatty, sugary or heavy foods and alcohol.

  • Stay well-hydrated in between sessions in order to flush out toxins. 

  • Come consistently.  Reflex therapy works optimally when the client commits to a regular series of sessions, as consistency over time equals results.  All sessions build upon the previous one, releasing stagnation in the system and allowing the body to move toward a more balanced state.  Coming regularly, whether weekly or monthly, allows your body to get into a rhythm, recalibrate and move closer to homeostasis (optimal body balance).    

Do you offer home visits?

Yes, sometimes special circumstances require home visits.  Please contact our office for detailed information regarding specialized home visits.

Do you offer gift certificates?

Yes, gift certificates are available at our office, by mail or email.