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Arthritis Pain? Reflexology can help!

By Elena Patino, MEd, NBCR and Karol Paul,RN, NBCR Board Certified Reflexologists (NBCR)

Foot and hand reflexology can help with inflammation in the body organs, muscles and joints. Reflexologists identify and then use palpation and various movements to break up the acid, scar tissue and calcium deposits that form in the feet and hands. Reflexology stimulates the body’s eliminatory processes and improves lymphatic drainage to flush the whole body system of unwanted waste products. The therapy also improves whole body circulation to oxygenate and carry nutrition to areas of the body that may have been congested due to inflammation or build-up. With decreased inflammation and swelling, and improved detoxification and circulation, there can be better mobility of joints and pain relief. Joints in all areas of the body, not just the feet and hands benefit from reflexology. Reflexology benefits extend to all types including rheumatoid, osteo, psoriatic arthritis.

Studies demonstrate the effectiveness of Reflexology for Arthitic Conditions.


The reflexology sessions reduce the swelling in my feet. I have more flexibility and movement in my fingers and hands. The achiness and pain are so much less in my knees too. -Ann P.

60 or 90 min appointments available Mon-Sat.

SPECIAL: Intro session with Karol Paul, RN $115 (save$10) 60 min, $160 90 min (save $15)

Elena Patino, $110 60 min or $160 90 min

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