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What conditions does this therapy help?

- Eye, ear, and sinus issues
- Acid reflux, IBS, UTI, Hemrroids
- Cancer
- Diabetes, Fybromyalgia, MS
- Auto-immune disorders
- Chronic Pain or Inflammation
- Hormone imbalance, Thyroid, Menopause, Adrenal Fatigue
- Weight Management
- Detoxification
- Anxiety, Stress, Depression
- Plantar fasiitis neuropathy, tendonitis, carpal tunnel
- Fertility and pregnancy
- Pre and Post Operation Recovery
- Accident/Injury Recovery

How should I prepare for a session?

  • Complete the health intake form and any additional questionnaires provided by your practitioner. 

  • Come well-hydrated.

  • Wear loose-fitting clothing if receiving reflex therapy work. 

  • Remove make-up and contact lenses if receiving facial work.  

What happens during a session?

  • You remain fully clothed, removing shoes, socks and jewelry at the beginning of the session. Make-up and hard contacts should be removed for facial reflex work.

  • You will lie comfortably on a massage table or recliner with feet elevated.

  • Your practitioner will inquire about your goals and briefly inspect face, hands and feet.

  • Your session may include a combination of foot, hand, ear, and/or facial reflex therapy/ortho-bionomy, and may include other acupressure points on the body (head, shoulders, neck, back, abdomen, extremities etc.), depending on your goals.

  • Your practitioner will use the recommended pressure on specific points and may use therapeutic grade essential oils, lotions or creams, as needed.

  • You may become very relaxed or even fall asleep.

    • fatigue

    • headache

    • nausea

    • frequent need to urinate, strong smelling urine

    • bowel movement

    • soreness

    • emotional response such as crying or laughing

    • cramping, dizziness, vomiting, feeling of malaise (less common side effects)

What can I expect after a session?

  • You may feel relaxed, a general sense of well-being and pain relief lasting anywhere from a few hours to a few days after your session.

  • Remember to drink plenty of water.  Reflex therapy stimulates blood and lymph flow, releasing toxins from the body.  Drinking water helps to flush out these toxins and refresh the body.

  • Certain reactions are normal after a session.  The most common reactions are:

Please contact your reflex therapist with any questions about side effects you experience.

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