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Metamorphosis® therapy: Learn to forgive and find inner peace

Karol Paul RN, Practitioner in Metamorphosis® NBCR Board Certified Reflexologist

It can be difficult to forgive others for what we feel are transgressions against us or someone

or something that is important to us. We tend to hold on to judgement, emotions, punishment and consequences around the offending narrative. Unwillingness to forgive and let go, means we are holding on to something that is weighing on us. This heaviness can manifest as tension, stress, anxiety, unbalanced emotional states such as anger or depression. The discomfort can also manifest as physiological symptoms, such as headaches, gastro-instestinal upset, cancer or other types of dis-eases of the body and mind.

Oftentimes, the root of not being able to forgive stems from lack of forgiveness of our own

selves. Forgiving ourselves is the one thing that we can receive the most benefit from, even though it may seem awkward or uncomfortable. Through the forgiveness process we are invited to go within and connect with the story we are holding on to, what we should have done or not done.

We are hard on ourselves for a number of reasons. We may be conditioned to think we should be perfect and when we aren't perfect we judge ourselves for it. We don’t practice enough self-awareness and self-compassion. Once we judge ourselves, our body starts to feel stressed and slowly starts to break down. We may feel out of balance and in pain which creates an internal environment that is ideal for dis-ease to take over.

Metamorphosis® therapy can help slow down and bring clarity to the mind. It deeply relaxes the body and allows us to be more aware of where we are hurting or holding on in our bodies, minds and emotions. With this awareness we can consciously shift our thoughts to curiosity rather than holding judgement of ourself, others and our condition. We can then make adjustments to release what is no longer serving us, and to nourish and reinforce the emotional and physical aspects of us that need extra support or revitalization.

Forgiving ourselves first, can open the door to our own freedom. Transforming judgment into curiosity and forgiveness lightens our body, mind and soul to then set us free to be who we really truly are. Once we let go of this excess baggage and experience this lightness from within, we can use this self-awareness and compassion to explore the possibility of forgiving others, and move toward achieving greater peace and balance in ourselves and our relationships.

Metamorphosis® and Reflexology sessions with Karol:

60 min $125

90 min $175

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