Relieving Stress and Recalibrating the Body with Metamorphosis® & Reflexology

by Karol Paul, BSN, NBCR

Board Certified Reflexologist

Practitioner in Metamorphosis

February 15th, 2021

Stressful triggers are all around us and are meant to keep us alive and safe. The sympathetic nervous system activates the fight or flight response during a threat or perceived danger and can elicit physical and emotional responses in the body.

These triggers can be acts of aggression, accidents, falls, losses, even noise, taste, touch and smell that brings recall of traumatic events. With trauma, the body and brain keep getting triggered by memories or stimuli, and can’t switch back to the parasympathetic or rest and digest mode, even after the actual event or danger has past. When the body is stuck in this exhausting fight or flight mode, also called sympathetic overdrive, it can cause physiological and emotional stress. (Refer to the diagram below)

Metamorphosis® along with Reflexology uses gentle pressure, palpation and movements of the body to calm the overactive or constricted areas that are causing this intense and exhausting nervous system response. These modalities identify adhesions in the body, that could be scar tissues build up, toxicity, overactive nervous system responses, or constricted or stagnant areas (such as acid or fluid build up.) This targeted stimulation sends messages through the nervous system, connective tissues and fascia.  The message is to relax and to release the frozen or overactive trauma pattern and to recalibrate. The body then resets to the parasympathetic or rest and digest state, where the deeper relaxation and restorative work can begin.

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This article was written by Karol Paul, RN, BSN, NBCR

Our Health Begins With Self Care
by Karol Paul, BSN, NBCR
Board Certified Reflexologist

Practitioner in Metamorphosis



















Let’s face it if we don’t have our health, we have nothing. Do I do it? Do you do it? Do we do it as a culture? I can’t speak for you, for myself no I don’t. Well, at least not as much or as good as I should. These words come out of my mouth or whirl in my head, I will do it tonight, later, or tomorrow.  The world is spinning so fast that we need to step aside and check in or we will end up somewhere we never intended to be. Taking care of ourselves is taking the time to be in the moment. Pause to take in our surroundings, take in a breath and be grateful. Selfcare, it's not a sacrifice or chore. Think of it as a necessity. Like taking a drink of water. Well, I say now, enough of the should of, would of, could of. Let’s get on with it and do more selfcare!


First there are 3 things to clear out of our mind. Selfcare is NOT being self-fish. It is NOT a waste of time. It is NOT an excuse to justify poor habits or make poor choices.


Here are a few simple suggestions

- Meditate each morning.

I know, I know we think this is hard. (Check out Karen’s article about meditation in last week's newsletter). A couple extra ideas. You can start for only 10 minutes. If need be, don’t call it meditation. Call it whatever you want. Call it a celebration. Even if you sit for 10 minutes and think of each body part and how it feels. We can be grateful for this vessel we have.


- Take a walk on your work break.

Walk for 10 minutes. Look around at the trees, sky or traffic (Oops traffic may not be a good thing to think about in this moment) or birds.


- Close your eyes while taking a big drink of water.

Yes, close your eyes it takes you into your body. Think about the water going in your mouth and down your throat and how it is so good for the cells in our body. Yes, it is as easy as this. And drink the whole glass!


- Laugh, laugh, and laugh some more.

I’ve heard that laughing and anger can’t exist at the same time. Laughter helps with so many things like the immune system, it can diminish pain, and protects us from damaging stress (among other things, Check out Dr. Google :))


- Take a relaxing bath and listen to and audio book.

Don’t drop your device in the water...unless it is water proof😉.

- Schedule regular Reflexology & Metamorphosis sessions.
Appointments available Tuesdays 2-7, Fridays 2-7, Saturdays 9-1. 

This is a few suggestions to do as selfcare. Start with a few easy actions. Be realistic with yourself. If you make it too hard, even though it's good for us, it can feel overwhelming and then we are back into the should of, would of, could of scenario.

Self-care can and should be fun! Otherwise it feels like another job. Have fun!!

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