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​​Elena Patino

MEd, ARCB Board Certified Reflexologist
Certified Foot, Hand, Facial and Ear Reflexologist

Practitioner of Ortho-Bionomy®


With over 16 years of reflex therapy experience, and training in advanced reflex modalities, including the European Sorensonsistem®, Elena continues to learn, grow and evolve her practice to foster optimal health for her clients.


Member in good standing of the American Reflexology Certification Board, International Network of Facial Reflexologists, Society of Ortho-Bionomy® International, and Associated Bodywork and Massage Professionals.


​​Karol Paul RN, BSN, NBCR
Board Certified Reflexologist and Practitioner in Metamorphosis


Karol was born and raised in Canada. After moving to the US, she initially worked in the field of cosmetology, and then as a Registered Nurse for 15 years. In each profession, Karol has felt the importance of compassionate care. She believes in listening and working with clients to aid in their healing process.

In response to her own stress and self-care needs, Karol encountered Reflexology. Reflexology has helped her mind relax deeply and allowed her body to become balanced. Karol’s strong belief and personal experience with this holistic health modality inspired her to become a National Board Certified Reflexologist and Practitioner in Metamorphosis. She has also recently served on the Board of the Associated Reflexologists of Colorado (ARC).

She believes, after 36 years of working with people, we are never too old to stop learning.  She continues learning, refining techniques and skills to support clients in the goals of achieving optimal health in body, mind and spirit.

She loves cycling, hiking, dancing and going on walks with her husband, daughter and friends. Karol also loves relaxing while watching a movie and eating popcorn, as she says, slowing down and taking time for oneself can be the best medicine​

We partner with clients to promote health, wellness and balance in their lives. 

We focus on co-creating a holistic and customized plan to overcome health challenges, promote wellness and achieve the client's desired quality of life.



"I have been receiving reflexology from Karol for 4 years on a regular basis. When I first started I was very sick and had been for over 2 months with pneumonia and other major lung problems. I spent time in the hospital, which was good, but never quite recovered before they discharged me. My goal was to regain my health. I did and more. The pneumonia cleared up with in 2 weeks. Also, my back troubles, COPD, sleep and circulation in my feet and legs have all significantly improved. My over all energy improved. Because I love it so much, I continue to see Karol for tune ups on a weekly basis. After a session my stress is gone, I feel balanced and I am able to focus. Karol has the touch to heal the soul." ~ Tricia


"I had paralysis on one side of my face. The Dr.'s ran tests. they said I may never fully regain feeling in my face. Karol worked on my face for 10 consecutive weeks, one hour a day. My face is completely better. Karol was able to help me relax and let go of the anxiety of thinking I was never going to get better. Her attitude and presence was very refreshing. I have recommended all my friends to her." ~ Pat


"Karol is a master at tuning in to what the body needs. After every session I've had with her I have felt completely relaxed, stress free and rejuvenated in my mind AND body." ~ Val

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