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Reflex Therapy, Reflexology

& Ortho-Bionomy® Services:

  •  Hand and Foot Reflexology 

  • Sorensensistem® European Facial Reflex Therapy

  • Lymphatic Facial and Neck Acupressure

  • Ortho-Bionomy®

  • Ear Candling with Cranial Stimulation

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Session pricing:        60 min=$125

                                  90 min=$175

+ Add Ionic Detox Foot Bath to any session for $35

+ Add Ear Candling to session for $70

This gentle and non-invasive bodywork stimulates body reflexes to deeply relax the nervous system.


This therapy encourages the release of congestion in joints, muscles, organs and glands.


This therapy is effective in calming under or over-active patterns in the body.


This process encourages the body to re-calibrate to a more optimal, efficient, functional and balanced set point. 













Ortho-Bionomy® is a powerful neuro-structural modality that combines osteopathic, homeopathic, and traditional Chinese principles. This therapy engages the body's self-correcting reflexes through gentle movements, light compression, and cranial touch. Ortho-Bionomy® stimulate reflexes and encourage the release of pain, tension and trauma patterns. 

Reflexology & Metamorphosis Services:

Hand, Foot, Facial Reflexology and Spinal Reflexive stimulation to release tension with Metamorphosis












Session pricing:         60 min=$125

                                  90 min=$175


+ $35 to add Ionic Detox Foot Bath to any session

+$25 Parrafin wax on hands, feet $45 for both


We hold underlying tension in our body. Non-invasive therapeutic touch to the bony structure of the cranium, spine, hands and feet addresses this unconscious tension. As tension eases it helps us to (but not limited to) cope better, stress less, in turn helping emotional issues, addictions and trauma.


The reflexes of the feet, hands, ears, and face act as a mirrored image of the bod. A specific pressure applied in these areas, helps calm the nervous system, increase circulation which helps the body release toxins, congestion, and relieve pain.



  • Chronic diseases (arthritis, diabetes, migraines, etc.)

  • Pain, congestion (cranial, structural, muscular, tendons, organs, etc.)

  • Injuries, accidents, pre/post-operative recovery

  • Neuropathy, plantar fasciitis, carpal tunnel

  • Autoimmune issues, IBS, Acid-reflux

  • Hormonal (PMS, menopause, adrenal fatigue, thyroid etc.)

  • Emotional, stress, addiction, trauma

  • Detoxification

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Ionic Detox Foot Bath

30 minute / single sessions; no Reflex Therapy


Session pricing:        Ionic Detox Foot Bath =$40    


Ionic Detox Foot Bath is a therapeutic hydrotherapy in which the feet are submerged in warm water to flush bodily toxins out through the pores of the feet. Colors in the water may indicate a variety of toxins being released such as heavy metals, candida, alcohol, acid build up and other waste.


Research has shown that the colors and particles in the ionic bath detox:

joints, candida, heavy metals, kidney, liver, gallbladder, blood, cellular waste.

Users have reported increases in energy and mental clarity, reduction in pain and inflammation, insomnia, allergies, acne, headaches, PMS, cravings, and improvements in digestion and metabolism, as well as a

number of other benefits. 



Ear Candling with Cranial and Facial Reflexology
Ear Candling with Cranial Stimulation =$125/60 min or $70/30 min add-on to reflex therapy session

Ear Candling with Facial Reflexology and Cranial Stimulation =$135

60 min session includes 30 min Facial Reflexology massaging reflexive areas on the face that release congestion in the head and body.

Ear Candling is a relaxing and non-invasive therapy the removes excess wax and toxins from inside the ears and Eustachian tubes. A long tapered cone-shaped candle is inserted into the ears and lit.


The therapist gently massages pressure points around the head, neck, and ear while the smoky suction draws out ear wax, yeast and other toxins that adhere to the tacky beeswax inside the cone.

  • May assist with sinus congestion removal of candida, wax, and yeast build up, increased mental clarity, vision, hearing, smell, taste, and color perception. 

Revitalize and reset with a restorative Reiki Session

Reiki is a subtle yet powerful, energy medicine modality that encourages the body to:

· Circulate and balance the body’s electro-magnetic and subtle energies that are vital for physical, emotional and mental  well-being.

· Align, clear and balance the seven major chakra energy centers. In Indian, Aryuvedic medicine the chakras are each associated with major body systems, organs and glands.

·Reduce and/or alleviate stress, pain and discomfort

·Release emotional and energetic blockages, physical impurities and toxins

·Increase energy, calm the mind and restore vitality of body and mind.

What to expect during a session:

The customized session begins with an intention for the session as determined by the client’s concern.

The client lays comfortably and fully clothed on a massage table. The practitioner will gently place her hands on areas of the body to increase circulation, encourage release of stagnation and to balance the flow of energy (chi). For example, if there is an excess of activity in the head, shifting the energy (chi) to the torso and feet.

Afterwards, the practitioner and client may discuss their observations. The practitioner shares with the client what she noticed and what arose during the hands-on part of the session.

Finally, the practitioner provides self-help suggestions or other guidance to the client.

Once the healing process has been activated through the session, energy (chi) continues to move and purify the body and mind. Congestion, stagnantion or underlying toxic build-up may activate and begin to move through and out of the body. This may result in a temporary, increased intensity of the client’s current condition.

Clients may experience the following as a result of the session:

·Emotional responses: Laughing, crying, sadness, joy

·Active dreams and past memories: Childhood, relationships

·Increased clarity, creative ideas and new insight into a situation

·Cleansing effects may include: increased urination and gastro-intestinal movement, thirst, achiness, temperature fluctuations (feeling warmer or cooler than usual), headache, tiredness, restful sleep or excess energy. 

Virtual sessions appointments available on request

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