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Metamorphosis® creates the possibility to transform challenging relationships

Over the years we, as humans, have found ways to protect ourselves from stressful events. One of the ways to survive is by becoming a chameleon, changing to fit into our environment and relationships. This survival technique can get one through a crisis.

However, over time, suppressing one’s own needs and emotions, can create imbalance in the body and mind. It may also create an environment of heightened or perceived danger, and distrust. This type of reflexive reaction can tamp down true expression in a relationship, healthy communication and action necessary change to a situation or toxic environment.

Over or under reacting to manage a challenging situation or a relationship over time can create stress, tension, self doubt, and exhaustion. It can take away one’s confidence and ability to thrive. Although it is not possible to control our environment completely or other’s behavior, it is possible to change the response in our brain that triggers pain, tension and trauma patterns.

The limbic system in the brain supports a variety of functions including emotions, and behavior. Applied Metamorphosis® somatic therapy provides gentle stimulation and supportive touch to the head, neck, spine, hands and feet. This cranial and spinal stimulation calms and balances the limbic system and has the effect of relaxing the nervous system, safely releasing pent up emotions and allowing the brain to reset to a more balanced state.

A balanced mind creates clarity and an opportunity to let go of stressful, unhealthy ways of reacting. This stabilized environment allows the brain to establish new neural pathways based on safety, choice and creativity.

Metamorphosis® therapy offers the potential to transform our brain to respond from a place of calm, rather than chaos. Peace of mind allows for changes in our thoughts and behavior to be able to heal from within, and to choose relationships and environments to not just survive, but to thrive.

Karol Paul RN, Practitioner in Metamorphosis®

NBCR Board Certified Reflexologist

Start to let go of Stress, Tension, Exhaustion, Anxiety, Addiction, PTSD,Trauma

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New client introductory special:

$10 off 60 min or $15 off 90 min session

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